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Posted by February 14, 2018

Cox Teams, US Distributors to Launch CXO300 Diesel Outboard Engine

Cox Powertrain, US Distributors Group Photo (Photo: Cox Powertrain)

Cox Powertrain will be joined by its line-up of US distributors for its Progressive Miami International Boat Show debut. Together they will deliver a message to the recreational marine market about the launch of the new CXO300 300hp diesel outboard engine and how it will be buoyed by an unrivalled sales, service and support network, the likes of which the marine industry has never seen.

Cox Powertrain has been working to create an enviable and solid network of distributors covering all corners of the USA. The line-up of distributors comprises some of the USA’s most prominent diesel engine sales and service specialists including California based Boatswain’s Locker, Texas-based Elite Diesel, Louisiana based Innovative Diesel Technology, Florida based Sun Power Diesel, South Carolina based Superior Diesel, Massachusetts based Power Product Systems and New Jersey-based Johnson and Towers.

Dania Beach, Florida based Sun Power Diesel’s CEO, Jay Davis said, “About once every ten years, a truly game-changing product is introduced into the marine propulsion marketplace. The interest in the CXO300 has been phenomenal. The number of twin, triple and quad outboard powered boats sold in Florida every month is astonishing. New boats today are for the majority either powered by gas outboards or diesel inboards many with pod drives. Cox’s 300hp diesel outboard offers truly the best of both worlds.”

The CXO300 is the highest power density diesel outboard engine ever developed. With petrol now not permitted on an increasing number of vessels, the introduction of a viable diesel outboard that offers a comparable power and weight of a gasoline engine will be transformational for the recreational marine industry, particularly sports fishing vessels which are sold in abundance in Florida. It offers significantly lower running costs than its gasoline equivalent, longer service intervals and an expected lifecycle three times longer than a gasoline outboard.

Visitors to the show will be able to see a full-size model of the world’s first 300hp and highest power density diesel outboard engine, ahead of its launch in quarter four of 2018.

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